Autism Certificate Fitness Professionals


NCCA Accredited Fitness Professionals

Licensed Physical Education Teachers

Adapted Physical Education Teachers

Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Recreational Therapists



6 CECs

Completing the online learning modules is the first step to obtaining your certificate. On ACSM’s online platform, you must complete five webinars and read two research articles.

Online Learning Modules (Webinars)
1.    Autism 101
2.    Evidence-Based Practices
3.    Modified Client Consultation and Assessment
4.    Autism Exercise Program Design
5.    Program Management and Development

At the end of each webinar you will have 15 questions to answer. You will have unlimited time to answer each question and are able to review each webinar. For the research articles you need to answer 14 questions per article and you will be able to review each article throughout the exams.

Once you pass this portion an email will be sent to you with a Certificate of Completion. Use this to register for the in-person workshop.

Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate Workshop

In-Person Workshop
6 CECs

Coach Dave’s one-day, 6-hour, dynamic workshop will engage the audience with reflections on the day-to-day realities of working with children and adults in fitness centers, their homes and in a school setting.

You will be lead through multiple demonstrations and learn exercise techniques while emphasizing exchange of ideas with your peers. Whether you are a fitness professional, PE/APE teacher, or therapist, you will leave with the knowledge to implement a structured and visual exercise program that will make a difference.

The workshop will conclude with a case-study exam. You will need to answer 10 questions for two different client scenarios. This exam will be taken online (computer, tablet, phone) at the workshop. When passed, you will receive your Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate from ACSM in the coming months.